Helping Manage Metals Price Risk Since 1991

Mitsui & Co Ltd have maintained continual representation on the LME as a Category 2 member since 1991. This continues today through their 100% subsidiary Mitsui Bussan Commodities Ltd, a fully integrated market maker and broker of LME related risk management products and strategies for our global customer base.

MBC also offers OTC products including COMEX copper, Midwest aluminum premium, iron ore, hot rolled coil and busheling. Additionally MBC are active in the OTC Iron Ore and Steel Product swaps markets, providing similar solutions to steel industry.

Operating on a seamless 24-hour basis from our offices in London, New York and Singapore, we offer our customers a full on exchange or OTC service in forwards and options, from offset hedging to derivative structures.

Our wealth of experience, drawn from working with all aspects of industry, allows us to help identify and provide effective risk management solutions for your unwanted risk.

Offering trading operations in forwards, options, averaging and arbitrage, as well as research capabilities and online client account access, we seek to provide a complete industry service and become a reliable counterpart for all your trading requirements and risk management goals.


A legally binding agreement for the purchase or sale of an asset at an agreed price, for a specified date in the future.These contracts can result in physical delivery of the underlying asset, or can be cash settled against either an offsetting forward or a pre-determined reference price over a specified period (averaging).


A legally binding agreement that gives the purchaser over a period of time the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at an agreed price for a specified date in the future. These contracts can result in a forward contract or a cash settlement against a pre-determined reference price over a specified period.


The trading of a pre-determined reference price over a specified period of time to initiate a forward contract, or to offset one already established.


Swaps combine a fixed price purchase or sale with an opposing averaging leg to create a cash settled OTC transaction. Both typically designed to match the customers’ physical intake or sales contracts.


The purchase of an asset in one market with the near simultaneous sale of a similar asset into another market or location to benefit from a price differential between the two.

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